Visualize the technical object hierarchy with functional locations, equipment and BOM items

Technical object structuring

Masterkey shows all data relationships for technical objects in the Structure Builder - build and enhance SAP relationships and fields with legacy fields and other maintenance indicators

Manage Task lists, Maintenance Items, Maintenance Plans and related data

Preventive maintenance

Relate task lists to technical objects according to your company design and ensure creation of maintenance items in tandem with creation/deletion of new assets.

Masterkey features support bulk data collection and the subsequent governance phase.

Product features

Store all your master data records in a dedicated MySQL database, accessible via a web browser

All SAP standard data models for SAP EAM are predefined with all referential integrity checks built-in. Master data can be visualized and cross-checked before approving it for SAP updates.

Access control and role definitions to protect your data at various levels from unauthorised changes

Masterkey is deployed on secure on-premise or cloud hosted servers. Data access and menu options are limited according to the user's role assignment. For general display access a Guest account is provided.

Integrated data modelling and application administration

Database administration becomes a byproduct of administering the Masterkey application. For technically proficient personnel, it is comforting to know that the world's most popular database can be accessed directly at the administrative level. The application and underlying MySQL database is administered with a web interface and allows additional search helps, field checks and constraints to be merged with table schema definitions. Table generation scripts can be exported and reverse engineered using MySQL Workbench to create ERD diagrams.

SAP integration (read and write)

All customizing tables such as equipment types, plant sections etc, which are used in master data maintenance are read directly from SAP and together with referential integrity checks ensure that field values are SAP compliant. For updating approved master data to SAP, various routes are used but most commonly posted to SAP using RFC calls to SAP standard functions or BAPI methods. Integration into the SAP Business worlflow API is also availble where more advanced error handling and follow-on processing is required.

Workflow approval

Masterkey leverages the power of SAP business workflow for master data approvals and for handling exceptions during posting. Embed Masterkey screens in your workflow inbox and view/approve the master data before allowing updates to SAP.

High performance bulk data export and import

Bulk data operations are executed on the database level, e.g. 'LOAD DATA INFILE' SQL statement is executed for bulk importing using the web screen for file based data imports. Conversely, data exports uses the same approach for dumping large volumes of data in CSV or TAB delimited format.

JSON based data mapping and translation

Define field mapping and translations in JSON mapping files and execute mapping rules on raw input data.

Copy/Paste data between Excel and Masterkey

Data presented in editable web lists can be exported to Excel, and edited in Excel before pasting data back into the web view. With this approach the batch corrections can be applied in Excel and updated with a single paste action.

Data selection

Data selection screens can be saved for re-use, publically or privately. Standard selection criteria are sufficient in most cases but where specialized data selection criteria is required, Regular Expressions can be used which is an industry standard for matching criteria.

Referential integrity

During the initial data migration, referential integrity checks can be switched off globally for instance when data is loaded out of sequence but it should be visible rather than blocking import due to violation of referential integrity checks.A stored procedure is executed to reportg on records which are violating refernetial intregity and this can be corrected before switching on refreential integrity checking.

SQL Query execution

Masterkey provides a web based query console for query execution and database administration, in addition to standard ODBC access.

Offline/mobile context

Major data entities can be installed as stand-alone desktop or mobile apps using the PWA (progressive web application) framework. To support mobile and desktop mode, Masterkey persists data in the web browser to ensures offline capability and the optimize application responsiveness even when online.

Transaction capable master data updates

To preserve data integrity which is of critical importance during the governance phase of the master data life cycle, transactional updates will ensure that all table updates are successfull before committing the entire transaction. This is especially usefull in a mature implementation where business rules are introduced as validation which have to be passedd before accepting the transaction.

Change documents and logging

As a default, all updates to all tables are change logged in a single log table. Direct query statements will not affect the change logs and are restricted to administrative users only.

Binary data storage

Binary data such as documents or other application files like PDF documents are stored in a seperate document vault as a generic service. Documents can also be stored directly in the MySQL database but this is not advisable. Documents can be collected in offline mode and synched to the server when online.

Master data objects.

Standard Master Data Objects

The following master data objects are defined as standard with all fields from SAP and all relationships defined in the data model. Masterkey allows administrative access to setup additional tables for new of existing objects.

Masterkey has built-in support to create tables directly from the SAP data dictionary which is useful to ensure alignment in terms of SAP fields names and field specifications.

  • Reference location
  • Functional location
  • Equipment
  • BOM
  • Material (A, B and C segments)
  • Task list
  • Maintenance item (including object list)
  • Maintenance plan
  • Measuring point
  • PRT
  • Main SAP configuration tables
  • Commonly used tables to enhance SAP, such a make/model