Project, pricing and implementation options

Masterkey projects and pricing

Project implementation

Masterkey has been implemented at various companies in South Africa as well as a Canadian energy company.

Regardless of whether the implementation is greenfield or brownfield, the following stages form part of a Masterkey implementation. Where a client has been running an ERP system for some time and requirements are well documented, the process will be expedited significantly, as a large portion of time is spent initially on master data design and data modelling.

  • Installation
  • Training
  • Design and data modelling
  • Build
  • Run
  • Sustain and govern


    Pricing has a licensing component and consulting hours component and is determined by a combination of master data objects to be implemented combined with the anticipated fields per data object. The software is provided on a monthly licensing fee and includes active support and maintenance.

    Masterkey is priced competitively and there is no upfront expense required to get going.